Pool Demolition

Save Time and Money by Breaking Free from Your Pool

You Don’t Have to Keep Your Pool

That simple statement is a big relief to many who are tired of being pool owners. Maybe you bought your home with a pool and had no choice but to manage it. Maybe the kids have outgrown the pool, and it just isn’t worth it anymore. There are plenty of reasons to be fed up with feeding your pool chemicals and not really spending any quality time in it. We offer legal, safe and convenient pool removal in Atlanta that can revive your backyard. We’ll handle the permits, pool disposal, and filling the ground back in with the right mix of gravel and dirt. All you need to do is start enjoying the time you would have spent maintaining your pool.

a pool ready for demolition in Atlanta

How Does It Work?

Pool demolition is not a job you want to choose a general contractor for. It’s a specialized process that needs to be done right to give you safe ground to stand on. That said, once you’ve chosen to work with us, it couldn’t be easier to get your pool removed. We make it simple. Here’s our process:

Choose Atlanta Pool Demolition

When you get your pool removed, you’ll save time and money. You’ll free yourself from the hassle of keeping the water safe, limit your exposure to harmful pool chemicals, better protect the environment, reduce your utility costs, and so much more. But why choose us to help you with it? We offer:

laying on the grass free from the hassle of owning a pool
  • Expertise: We’re an experienced team that knows what we’re doing and won’t leave you with a safety hazard. Your pool will be removed or demolished properly.
  • Customer experience: We handle everything, keep you in the loop, and make sure that your pool removal is a stress-free experience.
  • Respect: We’re at your home and near your family. Our entire team feels responsible to respect your property and be kind to everyone we meet—including your neighbors.

Reach out to us for pool removal in Atlanta.