Pool Removal in Marietta

Homeowners in Marietta are removing their pool to save themselves the hassle. Even professional swimmers often feel like a backyard pool isn’t worth it, because they can’t really do laps anyway. If you’re not spending a great deal of time in your pool, its not a surprise if you find its high costs and the constant maintenance are just not worthwhile. The good news is, you can get your pool removed.

Our team specializes in just removing pools. We have the knowledge and experience to do it safely, quickly, and to deal with the permit office on your behalf. You won’t have to lift a finger to get your pool removed or to deal with a test strip or a chlorine puck ever again. Learn more about pool removal in Marietta below.

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Real Relaxing Doesn’t Happen Next to a Pool

You might have been sold on the idea of a pool as a nice thing to relax next to. However, many people find that a pool just drives up their stress levels, and they don’t spend near as much time near it as they thought. Here are some of the stresses you can relieve yourself of when you get rid of your pool:

  • Supervision: When you have kids or pets, you need to supervise them anytime they are near the pool. And, when you own a pool, the danger of it is always in the back of your mind. Drownings in pools are rare, but they still do happen to almost a thousand children every year.
  • Liability: Hosting parties is fun until someone gets hurt. When you’re the pool owner, you’re the one who is liable for accidents. If friends and family are in bad financial situations or don’t have insurance, they’re just as likely to sue you as anyone else.
  • Repairs: It’s stressful to arrange for repairs of different pool parts, try to find the time to let the repair person into your backyard, and then deal with how bad the water got while you were waiting.
  • Chemicals: It’s not just the annoyance of buying all of the different chemicals. Exposure to pool chemicals isn’t always healthy, and research into the effect of exposure is ongoing. For many, it is a significant source of stress to think about what might be happening, especially to their children, from chemical exposure.
  • Costs: Who couldn’t use a little less financial stress in their life? Pools cost a great deal, from chemicals, utilities and maintenance to pool cleaning services and repairs. You can reduce your monthly costs when you remove your pool.
pool chemicals are a big hassle

What About Home Value?

If you were adding a pool to your home, many real estate agents would caution you that it doesn’t necessarily add value. For some home buyers, pools are only a detriment. Some will not even consider homes with pools. So, removing a pool may not necessarily reduce your home’s value, at least not by the amount it would cost to install a pool. Much depends on your market. But, you shouldn’t let that hold you back from having the home that you want.

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