Pool Removal in Sandy Springs

When your pool doesn’t work for your lifestyle, you’re not stuck with it. You don’t need to pour countless gallons, chemicals, hours and dollars into a backyard swimming pool. We offer pool removal in Sandy Springs to save you all of this cost. Pool demolition is a relatively quick process that results in a yard of stable, green grass for you to stand on. Take back your backyard and have the outdoor features you’ve always wanted to fit in it by demolishing your pool for good.

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What Pools Cost You

When you own a pool, you pay a great deal of money over time. Sometimes people do not realize how much these little costs add up. Here are some ways that your pool is costing you:

  • Electric bill
  • Water bill
  • Buy chemicals
  • Paying for pool cleaning
  • Pool maintenance costs
  • Pool repair costs
  • Increased insurance premiums

Don’t forget the opportunity cost! The time that you spend on your pool is time you could spend on something else. The space that your pool takes up, is space you could dedicate to a backyard feature that you actually want to have.

having a pool comes with a lot of costs

Why Choosing Professional Pool Removal is Important

It’s natural to look at an inground pool and think all you need to do is fill it in. Unfortunately, properly removing a pool is not that simple at all. If all you or your general contractor does is fill the ground in with dirt, even if you remove some of the pool first, you can end up with some serious problems. Including:

  • Unstable ground: Most or all of the pool parts need to be removed during a pool demolition. If certain pieces are kept in, or even if the ground is not filled and compacting properly, then you could create unstable ground. It would be unsafe to build a deck, a pergola, or another structure on this ground. But you might not realize something is wrong until the deck collapses.
  • Mud pit: The ground needs to drain water properly in order to remain solid. When the shell of the pool isn’t removed, it retains water. Or, if the wrong fill materials are used, then the ground may not disperse water properly. The result could be a mud pit that you can literally sink into, which is a serious safety hazard.
  • Legal issues: In Sandy Springs, you require a permit to remove your pool. If you don’t use one, you could face some legal or regulatory issues, especially when you go to sell your home.

Work with Us for Proper Pool Removal

You don’t need to stress about your pool removal at all if you work with our team. We’re specialists who are familiar with every little detail of how a safe, efficient pool removal should go. That means we deal with the permit office for you; we make sure the water and pool shell is safely disposed of and that the ground is safe when we’re done.

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