When you have a pool, it can be tough to stop and take stock of how much your pool is really costing you. A few hundred here and a few hundred there may not seem like such a big deal, but it does add up over time. We can’t give you a precise cost because much depends on the size of your pool, your type of pool, and how much of the work you can take on yourself instead of paying a company to do it for you. But, we can let you know that most people spend between $2,000 and $5,000 per year over the lifetime of the pool (they start to cost more at the end). To know where you stand on the scale, consider the expenses we outline below.

1. Water and Utilities

Atlanta water costs are not cheap. Famously, we have had among the nation’s highest costs of water for many years. That means that pool owners who live here are paying more to fill up their pool. That’s not a one-time cost. Pools need to be drained and then refilled when they develop a problem or need certain kinds of maintenance or repairs. Plus, they need to be topped off regularly to make up for evaporation.

Along with increasing your water costs, running that pool pump and heater can also significantly raise the costs of your electric bill.

2. Chemicals

When you first get a pool, you’d be forgiven for thinking you just need to put chlorine in it. Little did you know, there are actually different forms of chlorine that you need to use, and then a handful of other chemicals you need to use. That includes chemicals to balance pH, kill algae, clarify the pool and more. The costs can add up quickly. And the more you use the pool, the more chemicals you need to use just to keep it at safe levels.

3. Cleaning Services

If you’re not interested in buying test strips, testing the pool and then adding in the chemicals you need, you can get a pool cleaning service to do that for you. They’ll also clean the pool and scrub the lining and perform the other pool maintenance tasks you need done. But it does cost you. Most cleaning services charge a few hundred dollars a month for normal pool services. They will also open and close the pool for larger sums.

4. Maintenance and Repairs

All types of pools need to be maintained and repaired. Pool pumps and heaters may need yearly attention and are more likely to break if you skip that. The pool liner or surface itself may also need to be repaired after a few years. The length of time it can go without work and how much it costs to repair depends on the type of pool you have. Fiberglass liners may need to be replaced every year. Concrete pools tend to last longer.

Not interested in paying for your pool anymore? We get it. Call us for a pool removal.